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Digital Radio (DAB)

Digital Radio (DAB)

What is Digital Radio (DAB)?

• Hiss and crackle-free digital audio
• Easy to tune: find the station you want by name from a list
• Track and artist listings: digital radios display on-screen information, so you can see what’s playing and who’s playing it

Digital radio works by combining two digital technologies to produce an efficient and reliable radio broadcast system.
If your FM signal is barely audible, then DAB may offer you better reception. About 90% of the UK population can already receive digital radio.

Find out about digital radio in your area by using our postcode checker on this page
So, how do I convert/upgrade my vehicle to digital radio

Option 1

We can offer digital radio into your vehicle by Integrating with your existing car radio system, with digital antenna/transmitter and a screen/controller in the vehicle this is classed as a bolt on system


EZi–DAB–GO works with your existing audio system using a simple aux-in cable or by transmitting over an unused FM frequency. Consisting of a sleek wireless controller that can be fixed just about anywhere, and a discreet windscreen antenna, there’s never been an easier way to enjoy digital radio and music from your phone.
Bluetooth pair your phone or tablet to it and listen wirelessly to your own music collection, or Spotify streaming service through your existing audio system.


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Option 2

Replacing/upgrading the vehicles original head unit (car radio) to a compatible Digital radio head unit also integrating with existing steering wheel controls when applicable and installing a internal windscreen digital antenna or replacing your vehicles original FM antenna.
For more information regarding replacing your head unit/radio in your vehicle Please see our head unit upgrade page

head units with digital radio start from as little as £114.99 and installed with internal windscreen dab antenna from £214.99