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Vauxhall Astra (J)

Vehicle specific upgrade packages created for Vauxhall Astra (J). Tried and tested solutions for upgrading your vehicle.
For those of you looking to upgrade your vehicles various systems in your T5 or add completely new ones, let us take care of it for you.



Built In Navigation Upgrade

Pioneer high-quality 6.2” Inch screen, Cd/Dvd with built in navigation. On top of how good in looks in the Astra j’s dash.
It supports the latest functions &connectivity options for your smartphone including apple carplay, full Bluetooth handsfree & audio streaming, Digital and FMradio. So, wait no longer and get truly connected in a much smarter and safer way. This high-quality installation includes all the parts and labour needed including digital antenna.
With full steering wheel controls and display screen menu retention.

Fully installed £966 inc vat
This installation will take 4 hours to complete


Reverse Camera Upgrade

Reverse Cameras are a very popular upgrade, our installations are compatible with tailgate and split twin rear door body types
The camera we use is very small and is a push-fit type, with a fixed or adjustable angle which is very useful if you have a tow bar that needs to be seen!
All of our installations are wired and not wireless, wires are routed with the vehicles original wiring.
This process alone is very time consuming but the most important part.
Once installed, systems will show reversing picture when reverse is selected and all installations include 12 months parts and labour warranty.


£249 inc vat
This installation will take 4 hours to complete




Add Front Component Speaker Upgrade

Front speaker upgrades will start by removal of the front door cards and vehicle trim, install your new front speakers with speaker adaption plates, solder all wire connections all looms are left looking factory wrapped with cloth loom tape, tweeters with the crossovers are next, usually most vehicles have a location for these in the a pillar so again factory hidden, all this is very time consuming but done well is worth the effort every time



Installed £290 inc vat
This installation will take 3 hours to complete



Sound Deadening Option

The average Vauxhall Astra’s door is an acoustic nightmare. A thin, unsealed metal enclosure fronted with hard plastic fittings.
Crucially we want the full response from the speaker that we are installing so the answer is sound deadening to control of pressure waves inside the door. By applying this material, we can eliminate unwanted resonance and reflections of sound waves.
We can add this process at the same time as the speaker upgrade
This will maximize the performance of the installed component speakers.

Installed on Two Doors, £128 inc vat
This process will take 3 hours to complete