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Speaker Upgrades

Specialists in audio upgrades

We are specialists in audio upgrades, and our installation packages come with the highest level of workmanship to your vehicle. To meet these high demands, we only use high quality premium speakers. When installed they offer a high quality clean crisp sharp audio

BLAM speakers are a very flexible product because of their high efficiency and low impedance they provide detailed, powerful sound, they work well when linked to an aftermarket head unit or to an original manufactures head unit, non-amplified or amplified systems

The installs we provide are tried and tested and with the different packages that we offer are to suit most budgets

What is achieved on all of our installs is that factory look, with all audio upgrades the install is the key. The quality of the sound you get out is made up largely on how well it is installed to the vehicle.

So on a typical front speaker upgrade install we would start by removal of the front door cards and vehicle trim, apply sound deadening to internals remove old speaker units install your new front speakers with speaker adaption plates, solder all wire connections all looms are left looking factory wrapped with cloth loom tape, tweeters with the crossovers are next, usually most vehicles have a location for these in the a pillar so again factory hidden, all this is very time consuming but done well is worth the effort every time.


Whether you’re considering upgrading from factory sound for the first time or you’re looking to optimize your current system one of our speaker install packages will be for you.

Typical front door premium component speaker option

From £290 Inc. vat

This type of install would typically take 1/2 day


The Advantage of choosing component speakers for your vehicle is by mounting the separate tweeter closer to your ears optimizes your speakers’ they bring out a level of detail you may have never heard before. The premium-quality woofers deliver forceful, dynamic bass and midrange, while the separate crossovers will properly route your highs and lows to protect your tweeters and make your system sound its best. Remember component speakers when connected to an external amplifier to really come alive!


Premium rear door blam coaxial speaker

Installed from £205 Inc. vat

This type of install would typically take 1/2 day



The most common type of car speaker is the coaxial, Because of their high efficiency and low impedance they provide detailed, powerful sound when used with or without an amplifier.

The BLAM coaxial consists of a midrange/woofer with a tweeter placed over the cone, either on a bridge or on a pole that extends from the middle of the cone they are ideal choice for our rear speaker upgrade installs


Add Sound Deadening Option
(Installed On Two Doors)

 Add Sound Deadening To Any Speaker Upgrade Package

£128 inc vat

The average car door is an acoustic nightmare. A thin, unsealed metal enclosure fronted with hard plastic fittings, often with a loose polythene moisture barrier as well. Crucially we want the full response from the speaker that we are installing Unfortunately vehicle manufactures designs of their doors are always working against us, so the answer is sound deadening to control of pressure waves inside the door. By applying this material, we can eliminate unwanted resonance and reflections of sound waves

We believe that it is essential to consider sound deadening whenever a speaker upgrade is installed. Otherwise you will never achieve the full benefit